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“This is not the right way”

Brussels – UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has sharply criticized the premature end of the season in Belgian professional football and has threatened to be excluded from European club competitions.

«I think that’s not the way to go. Solidarity is not a one-way street. You cannot ask for help and then simply decide for yourself how it fits, »said Ceferin in an interview in the ZDF’s« Current Sports Studio ». “And I have to say: The Belgians and others who might be thinking about it now are risking their participation in the European Cup next season.”

In a letter quoted by the AP news agency, the European Football Union had advised its member associations not to break the national leagues at the present time in the coronavirus crisis. It was “confident that football can start again in the coming months under the conditions of the authorities and that any decision to give up domestic competitions at this point in time is premature and not justified,” the letter said.


In Belgium, the decision was made to cancel the season after 29 of 30 main round match days and to forego the playoffs. Brugge FC is to be proclaimed champions. In the Bundesliga, one hopes to restart in early May.

UEFA is currently working on finding a solution for the end of the season with the European leagues. Europa League and Champions League are stuck in the knockout phase. The competitions may end in July or August.

«Football is absolutely not the same without fans as with fans. But it’s definitely better to play football without a spectator and have it back on TV than not at all. People want that, it brings positive energy to their home. And it will be July, August. In September or October we can no longer play that out, »said Ceferin on ZDF.

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