Kiwi fruit and pears. Photo: picture alliance / TEH / Symbolbild (picture: TEH) (Photo: picture alliance / TEH / symbol picture)

Saarbrucken – When schools and day-care centers in Saarland are regularly open again, around 8,000 kilos of so-called school fruit are distributed to around 26,000 children per week. Since the schools are currently closed due to the corona pandemic, the fruit and vegetables that are still being delivered should now go to aid agencies, as Saarland’s Minister for Environment and Consumer Protection Reinhold Jost (SPD) announced.

The organizations and initiatives should then pass on the “school fruit” primarily to children and socially disadvantaged families.

“In the current situation, many families have dramatically tightened food supplies,” said Jost. The EU school program should, therefore, be used to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to people in difficult social situations. As the main customer, he mainly has boards and board-like equipment in view. There are already institutions that would have gratefully accepted the offer.

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Kiranpreet Kaur
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