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Weekend brings Germany 22 degrees

Offenbach (TEH) – Germany is facing a weekend with almost summer temperatures. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), especially along the Rhine, maximum values ​​of up to 22 degrees and sunshine attract outside.
However, politicians, authorities and local authorities strongly urge them to comply with the restrictions applicable to contain the corona pandemic and to avoid spending time outdoors. The parking lots of popular excursion destinations and local recreation areas were therefore blocked in many places.

The reason for the change in the weather is high “Keywan”, which brings very mild air to Germany from the south. “The inflow of cold air has since subsided, and this weekend the highs of Western Europe are now shifting towards Central Europe,” said a DWD meteorologist on Friday in Offenbach. While it is still relatively cool on Saturday in the eastern half of Germany with 8 to 14 degrees and the sun only prevails against the clouds during the day, the temperature in the western half already rises to 13 to 17 degrees.

On Sunday and especially on Monday, the 20-degree mark is clearly exceeded in many regions. On Monday it can even be 23 degrees with a lot of suns. Only in the far northeast does the thermometer stop at 14 degrees. Even at night, there will initially be no frost from Tuesday. In most regions, the temperatures drop to just 9 to 2 degrees.

In order to keep possible day trippers away, the police in the Rheingau cordon off the access roads to the world-famous sights. Affected include the Eberbach monastery, the Vollrads, and Johannisberg castles and the Niederwald monument above the city of Russelsheim, as the police headquarters in Wiesbaden said. In addition, all public parking spaces are blocked.

The authority justified the measure in the narrow streets of the tourist strongholds and at the excursion destinations on the Rhine otherwise, the prescribed minimum distance could not be maintained. In the city of Frankfurt / Main, the police want to use a drone to check that there are not too many people in the parks and to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

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