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Saturday, December 9, 2023
EconomyWorms postpones Spectaculum - Whitsun market is canceled

Worms postpones Spectaculum – Whitsun market is canceled

MAINZ – Up to and including Sunday, April 19, events are prohibited by ordinance of the state government. It is currently not yet possible to say what will happen next. Those responsible for the city of Worms, Kultur und Veranstaltungs GmbH, Nibelungenfestspiele gGmbH, and Freizeitbetriebe Worms GmbH discussed a wide variety of scenarios of what the cultural summer in Worms could look like.

In doing so, safety and health-related aspects were primarily taken into account, as were the economic factors associated with the implementation. The importance of events for tourism, retail, and the economy was included in the considerations.

The action weekend “Worms blooms” does not take place as planned this weekend (April 4th to 5th). The city of Worms, Kultur und Veranstaltungs GmbH, Stadtmarketing and the Worms retailers check whether a move is possible and a Sunday that is open for sales, possibly as part of a campaign weekend, can be made up to help retailers.

The Spectaculum Worms planned for May 22nd to 24th will be postponed to the weekend of September 25th to 27th. The organizer, Kultur und Veranstaltungs GmbH, and the city have agreed on this. Since mostly volunteers and small business owners support the medieval market and thus create a very special atmosphere, everyone involved is happy to be able to set an alternative date later this year.

All those responsible are aware that moving to September is a compromise in terms of the weather and the holiday that can be used in May but would like to send a positive signal to the dealers and warehouse groups with ponement, taking into account the currently numerous cancellations of the medieval markets.

The Pentecost market in Worms, planned from May 30th to June 7th, is canceled. The unclear situation regarding the development of the corona pandemic and the resulting shortage of human resources, which is already foreseeable at the present time, led to this decision. Due to the strong involvement of city employees in crisis management, the organization of the Pentecost market is not possible in the usual way.

No final decision has yet been made on a cultural night on Saturday, June 27th. Since this event primarily promotes the free cultural scene of the Nibelungenstadt, Kultur und Veranstaltungs GmbH advises in close coordination with the city’s cultural coordination whether the deadline is to be held in June or a shift to autumn is necessary. The numerous cultural professionals will also be offered a presentation platform this year. This also applies to the sports adventure day planned on June 27th in the city center. Information about how to proceed will be provided in the next few weeks.

For the Nibelungen Festival in Worms from July 17 to August 2, those responsible for the festival are in close coordination with all authorities and the state. Different scenarios are discussed and the planning is permanently adapted to the dynamic situation. An attempt will be made to make a final decision about the feasibility of the Nibelung Festival in a few weeks.

This procedure and the preparation of various scenarios also apply to “Worms: Jazz & Joy” on the weekend from August 21st to 23rd and to the Backfisch Festival in Worms from August 29th to September 6th. Here, too, the managers of Kultur und Veranstaltungs GmbH and the city of Worms monitor the further developments and check the feasibility of the events taking into account all relevant aspects. In early summer, a decision is to be made as to whether the events can be held or under what circumstances this may be possible.

The procedure for recreational companies is similar: Actually, the Tiergartenfest is supposed to take place in the Tiergarten Worms on the weekend of June 13th and 14th. It is not yet clear whether this can be carried out as planned. The responsible persons at Tiergarten Worms gGmbH observe the developments every day and provide information about the current planning status at the appropriate time.

The swimming pool festival is planned in the Heinrich-Volker-Bad at the end of July – on Sunday, July 26th. Here, too, the managers of Freizeitbetriebe Worms GmbH are advising whether the festival can take place. As with all other events, this depends on the development of the situation. Further information will be announced in good time.

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Kiranpreet Kaur
Kiranpreet Kaur
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