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Queen invokes British self-discipline in the crisis

London – Queen Elizabeth II (93) calls on the British to tackle the coronavirus pandemic with distinctive British self-discipline and quiet determination.”I hope that in the coming year’s everyone can be proud of how they dealt with this challenge,” the Queen will say in a speech to the British people and the Commonwealth on Sunday evening. This is evident from excerpts of the speech published in advance by Buckingham Palace. The speech is a sign that the government is increasingly concerned about the rapidly growing number of deaths from COVID-19 lung disease.

The British Ministry of Health recorded the highest number of deaths in one day to date, with 708 deaths on Saturday. A total of 4,313 people have died of COVID-19 lung disease in British hospitals, including a five-year-old child. According to media reports, it is said to be the youngest victim of the corona pandemic in Great Britain.

The Queen’s speech is scheduled to air this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. CEST). In it, the Queen would also thank the employees of the national health service NHS and other people who are particularly challenged in the crisis, it said.

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