Ramon Roselly is the new “superstar”


    Cologne (TEH) – Dieter Bohlen believes that he can become the new Howard Carpendale, Florian Silbereisen gives the blessing of Dieter Thomas Heck: The building cleaner Ramon Roselle from Saxony has the talent for old German hits the RTL casting show «Deutschland Sucht den Superstar won.

    The 26-year-old prevailed against his last remaining competitor Chiara D’Amico (18) with more than 80 percent of the audience votes in the season 17 finale on Saturday evening.
    “I don’t believe it,” stammered Ramon almost in disbelief just before midnight when his victory was finally certain. But there hadn’t been much doubt about it. The jury praised the former circus artist in the highest tones – and therefore led the column saints of the German hit into the field.
    “For decades”, a successor to hit stars like Howard Carpendale (74) and Roland Kaiser (67) has been sought, said chief juror Dieter Bohlen (66). Helene Fischer (35) now exists for women, but there is no such person in men. “I think you could be one of those hit icons.”
    Florian Silbereisen, who had replaced juror Xavier Naidoo (48), who had been recalled due to racism allegations, even assured the building cleaner of the support of the 2018 show master Dieter Thomas Heck: I seriously believe that even the hit god from above Today, Dieter Thomas Heck, watches a little and says: Maybe I would have liked to have presented this boy in the ZDF hit parade back then.
    Ramon Roselle showed his strengths in the final. The 26-year-old from Zschernitz has lard in his voice and is not afraid of kitsch. He sang “Tears don’t lie” by Michael Holm and “100 years are still too short” by Randolph Rose. With the rather unknown rag, he had already noticed in the very first casting round.
    Ramon’s newly composed winning song “Eine Nacht” was written by Dieter Bohlen. He had written it for all the finalists. In the version by Ramon Roselle, however, it sounds as if Randolph Rose could also sing. “It sounds simple, but it’s really complicated,” Bohlen explained his composition. “Anyone who plays this on the piano at home will lose their fingers.”
    Apart from the sometimes more and less successful appearances of the four finalists, the most memorable moments of the show were staged by Bohlen and Silbereisen – even though Alexander Klaws (36), himself a DSDS winner 17 years ago, acted as moderator. When Joshua Tappe (25) appeared, Bohlen cautioned that he had to articulate more clearly in German – and referred to Silbereisen: “You’re actually an Austrian, aren’t you?” Whereupon Silbereisen explained the “Pop-Titan”: “No, I’m Bayer.”
    Silbereisen, in turn, pulled out his cell phone after the appearance of candidate Paulina Wagner (22). The student had sung “Sieben Leben fur Dich” by Maite Kelly – and Silbereisen had asked “die Maite” to send him feedback on the performance. When the cell phone was shown, some attentive viewers noticed, besides the orthography (“Schlager”), that the message had apparently been sent according to the time stamp before the live show in Cologne – which caused some conversation on Twitter. RTL then made it clear: “Florian sent Maite to perform the dress rehearsal!”

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