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Reus on the Corona break: “It already benefits me”

The break is not inconvenient because of the Corona crisis: BVB captain Marco Reus. Photo: Tom Weller / TEH (Image: TEH)

Dortmund – Soccer player Marco Reus, the Bundesliga break is not inconvenient because of the coronavirus pandemic.

«It already benefits me. I can cure my injury better and am currently fully on the rehab plan. I hope to be back on the pitch soon, ”said the captain of Borussia Dortmund on Saturday at BVB’s“ digital game day ”.

The 30-year-old suffered a muscle injury in the DFB Cup against Werder Bremen in early February. At that time, a break of around four weeks was assumed in Dortmund. But Reus cannot participate in the BVB’s current two-man training because the injury was more complicated. Due to the current interruption of the season, he sees himself back in the target without pressure and could play again this season, should the Bundesliga be able to continue the season from May.

Reus has no problem even with the situation of currently being allowed to leave the house for only the most necessary things. «You won’t be bored with a child who is one year old. You’re just after that, ”said the attacker. Reus became the father of a daughter a year ago.

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