What celebrities do at home during the corona crisis


    Los Angeles (TEH) – How can the corona quarantine be tolerated to some extent? There is nothing better than spending it with a loving four-legged friend, at least says “Crazy Rich” star Henry Golding (33).

    His wife and he proudly present themselves on Instagram as the new foster parents of dog Stella from the shelter. Because of the Covid 19 crisis, many animal shelters are closing and urgently looking for carers.
    Like Golding, many stars who respond to the authorities’ “call for stay home” and isolate themselves with their children, partners or alone at home go virtually on their own: fitness tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger, book lessons with Amy Adams, washing hands with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, handstand with Jake Gyllenhaal. Actors and musicians speak up in sweatshirts and without make-up from their own four walls.
    Reality star Kim Kardashian (39) has a question that the mother of four is likely to speak to many from the heart during the coronavirus pandemic. “What are you all doing to keep your kids busy?” Wrote singer Kanye West’s wife on Instagram. Her family is currently avoiding social contacts. Tips and “funny ideas” are very welcome.
    It’s easy to find something on the social media channels of celebrities. The German YouTuber and comedian Flula Borg (38, “Pitch Perfect 2”) makes himself comfortable in Los Angeles with a Christmas tree. «When is it nice and cozy at home? At Christmas, of course, »jokes the Erlangen native in an Instagram video. In pajamas with a star pattern, he recommends “Merry Quistmas”, a word creation from Christmas and quarantine.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger prevents the Corona-Koller with sport. “Stay at home, stay fit,” the ex-terminator warns his fans. He lifts weights in a video, cycles through deserted Santa Monica and relaxes – only with a cigar – in the whirlpool. But the Hollywood star is not completely alone. Almost every day he shares scenes from his animal roommates, dwarf ponies Whiskey and donkey Lulu on the Internet, sometimes playing chess and nibbling cookies.
    Actresses Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams have won dozens of prominent friends for reading since mid-March. In the “SaveWithStories” Instagram campaign, stars like Glenn Close, Natalie Portman, Eddie Redmayne, Jeff Bridges and Chris Pratt reached for their favorite children’s books and read in front of the camera – for a good cause. Donations go to programs for schoolchildren that rely on food and learning materials, even while the schools are officially closed.
    Country star Dolly Parton (74) also puts on reading glasses for “Goodnight with Dolly”. Once a week, the singer reads bedtime stories in a video series. She also donated $ 1 million to a laboratory working on a coronavirus vaccine.
    Music greats such as Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Sia and Pete Wentz try their hand at DJ SiriusXM radio for fan entertainment. Swift kicked off on Friday with music from Conan Gray to Harry Styles. She spends the time alone cooking, reading and watching films, she said on the show. “We’ll get through this together,” Swift encouraged her fans to self-isolate and persevere.
    Miley Cyrus has been broadcasting her one-hour talk show “Bright Minded” every day since mid-March to bring some “light” into the dark times. Via video links she connects guests, chats with Reese Witherspoon or Demi Lovato and gives health tips.
    Hollywood’s heavyweight Steven Spielberg also appeals to the Americans to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic – and to watch films. Together with the American Film Institute, the Oscar winner started a movie club with daily recommendations. His first tip: “The Wizard of Oz”. In the musical film with Judy Garland from 1939, the famous saying falls: “There’s no place like home”.
    How do you wash your hands properly? Numerous celebrities do it on their social media channels. Muscle man Dwayne Johnson sings a song from the film “Vaiana” to his little daughter Tiana Gia while they soap themselves together. Mariah Carey heats up her children Moroccan and Monroe with rap to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.
    In times of «social distance» Hollywood stars come up with even crazier ideas. So now Jake Gyllenhaal got involved in the “Handstand Challenge”, to which “Spider-Man” star Tom Holland had challenged him. As proof, he posted a video: Gyllenhaal balances headfirst on one hand with his bare torso, and he has to put on a T-shirt. And immediately he builds a bridge to the coronavirus crisis. The shirt bears the logo of a New York restaurant that now had to close. “Don’t forget to support your local businesses,” warns the actor.

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