Michael Frisch (left) and Uwe Junge at the state party conference of the AfD Rhineland-Palatinate. (Photo: TEH)

MAINZ » Uwe Junge breaks up. The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament will no longer apply for his party’s top candidate before the election on March 14, 2021. The 62-year-old ex-officer announced on Sunday.

“After careful consideration, a fulfilled and successful period of service for my fatherland as an officer in the Bundeswehr, after seven long and eventful years of building up our liberal-conservative AfD in Rhineland-Palatinate and the exciting five years as the group leader of the AfD parliamentary group and also from health reasons For reasons, I decided not to run for the Landtag anymore and to retire after this legislative period in 2021, ”Junge explained in a written statement.

Most recently, Junge had already threatened to significantly reduce his involvement in the party. The reason was the internal trench warfare over the “wing” of the Thuringian state chairman Bjorn Hocke, who is being monitored by the constitutional protection. In a letter to the federal executive board, Junge had called for clear steps against Hocke and the wing weeks ago. This has now announced that it will dissolve itself.

Nevertheless, Junge was recently considered isolated in parts of the party. It has recently become increasingly questionable whether the faction leader would actually have been nominated by the party congress if he had applied.

As this newspaper found out, the AfD state board had unanimously voted in favour of recommending the country chairman Michael Frisch for list position one. In this case, there would have been a battle vote between the two top executives. Junge may have wanted to avoid this scenario.

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