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Ecclestone calls for a complete season off

For an early season from Formula 1: Bernie Ecclestone. Photo: Nick Ansell / PA Wire / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Nick Ansell / PA Wire / TEH)

London – Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has spoken out in favor of a complete cancellation of this year’s Formula 1 season due to the Corona crisis.

“We should end the season this year and hopefully start again next year,” said the 89-year-old on the BBC radio show “5 Live Sport Specials” on Saturday. “I don’t see how it should be possible to get the necessary number of races this year.”

In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the first eight of the originally planned 22 races of the 2020 motorsport premier class had been canceled or postponed. Ecclestone’s successor as Formula 1 managing director, Chase Carey, plans with 15 to 18 events in a revised calendar. “It’s a difficult situation,” said Ecclestone, who was Formula 1 boss for around 40 years until 2017.

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