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First corona death in Mainz university medicine

The University Medical Center Mainz. (Photo: Sascha Kopp)

MAINZ » Mainz University Medical Center reports the first corona death. It is a 76-year-old. The man who had previously been hospitalized died in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Unimedicine communicates this on its website on the Internet. It also says: “We very much regret the death of this patient and express our deep sympathy and condolences to the family and all relatives.”

The University Medical Center Mainz currently treats 23 COVID 19 patients as inpatients. Of these, eleven patients receive intensive medical care and ventilation.

As early as Friday, April 3, the Mainz-Bingen district administration reported that the first two people from Mainz had died of the consequences of the coronavirus (we reported). It was a woman in her mid-70s and a woman in her early 90s.

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