The newly elected board of directors of the tennis club has started its work. (Photo: TC Wonnegau Monsheim)

MONSHEIM – More than a third of all members (in times before Corona) accepted the invitation of the board to the first general meeting of the TC (tennis club) Wonnegau Mosheim. The items on the agenda were discussed under the direction of the first chairman, Tillmann Dorr, and the corresponding reports from the department heads were submitted to the members.

The subsequent discharge of the old board was unanimously granted by the members. The work of the board of directors for the development of the association has been expressly praised.

After a general discussion of open points and questions from the members, the new agenda was elected as election manager under the leadership of Uli Rost. The individual board positions could be filled relatively quickly. While Peter Raus as secretary and Michael Stockert as assessor moved up to the board, almost all other areas of the board were filled with the same people as in the previous term. Only Paul Meissner was no longer available for re-election for professional reasons.

And this is how the board is composed: 1st chairman Tillmann Dorr, 2nd chairman Jorg Ussner, 3rd chairman Wilfried Osswalt, treasurer Caroline Nischwitz, secretary Peter Raus, press officer Thomas Teichmann, sports manager Christof Utter, youth manager Ralf Pleickhard, entertainment manager Manuela Pleickhard, Ground manager Wilfried Osswalt and assessor Michael Stockert.

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