Time with the highest infection numbers still ahead of us

Chancellor-in-chief Helge Braun (CDU) looks above all at doubling the number of infections. Photo: Oliver Killig / zb / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Oliver Killig / zb / TEH)

Berlin – Chancellor Minister Helge Braun (CDU) emphasized with regard to the corona pandemic that the climax of the crisis in Germany is still to come.

It is now the task of the Federal Government to “prepare ourselves for our population for the most difficult part of this crisis,” said Braun to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagsnewspaper”. “The time with the highest infection numbers is still ahead of us.” Before the current restrictions began, there was a “doubling every three days”. So that the healthcare system is not overwhelmed, doubling times of significantly more than ten days are necessary, Braun told the newspaper. “Probably even twelve or fourteen days.”

With regard to schools closed due to the corona pandemic, the Chancellor’s Office said the idea that children “behave 100 percent according to our distance rules in the schoolyard is not very realistic”. If they came home, they might meet their grandparents. “Then infection chains can quickly develop.”


Regarding the situation of the economy, Braun said: “The idea that we may soon no longer be able to care for some sick people in Germany because the number of infections is skyrocketing is so serious that I say: the most important thing first is that we avoid this. The economy is a big step behind.

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