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UEFA chief criticizes FIFA for distributing Corona aid

Aleksander Ceferin is the president of UEFA. Photo: Laurent Gillieron / KEYSTONE / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Laurent Gillieron / KEYSTONE / TEH)

Mainz – UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has criticized FIFA for its actions in providing financial aid to associations, clubs, and players in the coronavirus crisis.

“FIFA’s explanation was that they want to use it for those who need it urgently. We should agree to this so that FIFA can then decide who gets how much money. In my opinion, this is a bit strange, »said the head of the European Football Union in the” Current Sports Studio “of the ZDF. FIFA had previously announced the relief operation without mentioning any specific sums.

“Nobody can control where the sums go,” criticized Ceferin of the word association. “Strict regulations are required for this, you cannot simply leave FIFA where the sums go.”

Ceferin described the plan of the Bundesliga, from May again to play games without spectators, as correct. “Every path is the right one if the health of the players is paramount,” he said. In the coronavirus crisis, it was “definitely a consideration” to relax UEFA’s financial fair play rules in the longer term. “We have to be flexible, many clubs are in difficult situations,” said the 52-year-old Slovenian. “We’ll put that off now and see how the season ends.”

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