12-hour working days possible in a corona crisis

Employees in pharmacies may have to work up to 12 hours a day if there is no other organizational way. Photo: Jan Woitas / TEH-Zentralbild / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Jan Woitas / TEH-Zentralbild / TEH)

Berlin » In certain professions, working hours should be extended to up to twelve hours a day during the Corona crisis.

This emerges from the draft for a working time regulation, which the Federal Ministry of Labor has drawn up in agreement with the Ministry of Health, as the “Handelsblatt” reports.

The regulation is therefore limited until the end of June. The employees concerned should also be allowed to work on Sundays and public holidays during this time.


Employees in industries that are involved in the production, packaging and stocking of everyday goods as well as employees in the pharmaceutical industry, in agriculture, in energy and water supply, in pharmacies and medical supply stores, employees in money – and security transport industry or in data and network management.

However, working hours may only be extended if “they cannot be avoided through forward-looking organizational measures, including necessary working time planning, through hiring or other personnel management measures,” the draft says.

As one of the numerous measures to mitigate the consequences of the Corona crisis, the federal government had launched the option of enacting exemptions from the Working Hours Act in order to «maintain public security and order, health and care, general services and the Ensure that the population is provided with existential goods in the current situation of the corona pandemic ».


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