Eintracht: Hutter supports wage cuts

FRANKFURT – press conference at the Frankfurt Eintracht. Trainer Adi Hutter (50) sat in the press room in the belly of the arena on Monday and answered the journalists’ questions in a video chat. “Solidarity is the really big topic at this time,” he says, among other things. Our employee Peppi Schmitt wrote down the most important statements.

About the continuation of the season: “It would be something valuable and important for our society to be able to watch the games on TV. But it will certainly take some getting used to for everyone, without spectators and emotions. For us, it’s about doing everything we can to finish the season. But we are only co-drivers, it is ultimately politics that decides. ”


About the economic situation at Eintracht: “Eintracht is fortunate to be able to keep afloat for a while thanks to the sporting success of recent years and the transfer fees. It would have been much more difficult in 2016. Compliments to the board of directors who managed to land a top sponsor right now. This shows that the association has managed very, very well and thinks very much about the future. I am very, very happy to be a coach here. ”

About his personal experiences in the past few weeks: “There is no social contact at all. You can’t even hug friends. When children cannot see their grandparents and may not understand that, I am very touched. There are things to think about. I personally was able to use the 14 days at home well, a bit relieved of stress and pressure. ”

About his personal future (the contract runs until 2021): “It just doesn’t fit in at all to talk about my personal interests. What is more important is that we get this virus under control. ”

About a waiver of players and coaches: “Solidarity is the big topic of this time. I am a supporter of the waiver. The management board will think about how Eintracht Frankfurt can keep the employees and keep the setup. Every professional will forego part of the salary, everyone is ready for that. There will certainly be decisions in the near future. ”


About the fitness status of his players after the quarantine: “We did tests before the quarantine. So we know that our players are in a very, very good physical condition. We haven’t lost anything in the many games of the season so far but rather gained. And in the 14 days at home, the boys didn’t lose anything either, they weren’t lying on the couch. ”

About the training in small groups and a possible return to the game: “Training is not so easy because of course, the game forms are missing, the duels above all. But we are still happy that we are back on the pitch. For me, it is very, very positive to be able to deal with the players individually. If you are almost alone on the pitch as a coach with two players, this is unusual and a lot of effort, but you can also do a lot. For a fresh start, ten or fourteen days of preparation could be enough to be ready. Going to competitions straight from training with small groups would certainly be difficult. ”


About the special conditions for a possible restart: “If tests are easy and quick, we would be ready and would like to do it.”
About the unequal training requirements at the Bundesliga clubs “It would make sense to lay down a common rule that all Bundesliga clubs have the same starting position. It is not fair if teams like Bremen are not allowed to train, others like Schalke but with seven men, we in groups of two. If we were allowed to play with seven players, we would also use it. ”

About possible advantages or disadvantages of ghost games: “Nobody has experience with it, it is the same for everyone and special for everyone. You have to deal with the circumstances quickly, that’s what matters. It may then be more about individual quality to deliver good games. But nobody can really predict. We have to prepare for it and make the best of it. ”

About the future of Captain David Abraham, who is flirting with a return to his home country of Argentina at the end of the season: “At some point, the time will come, but when that is, it is in the stars, I am informed of every step of him.”