Liverpool FC does not send employees on forced leave

Liverpool FC does not send its employees on forced leave. Photo: Martin Rickett / PA Wire / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Martin Rickett / PA Wire / TEH)

Liverpool » Liverpool FC has revised its decision and does not send numerous employees on forced leave during the coronavirus crisis. The Chairman Peter Moore said in a message on the website.

Moore also apologized to fans who had previously criticized the measures sharply. “We think we came to the wrong conclusion last week,” wrote Moore, “we’re really sorry.”

It was only on Saturday that the Reds announced that they would use a government program to save jobs by 80 percent of wages being taken over by the state. The association wanted to contribute the rest so that the employees would not suffer any financial disadvantages. The league rivals Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City, Newcastle United and AFC Bournemouth had already done the same.


This caused fierce criticism, including from ex Liverpool pro-Jamie Carragher. A member of the club’s staff, who remained anonymous, told the BBC broadcaster: “The club describes the employees like family. I don’t feel like a family member. Why does a club that turns over £ 100m use a government program for its employees when other companies need it more? »

Moore said Liverpool would now look for alternatives to survive the coronavirus crisis. However, he also warned of “unprecedented” losses for the club. “Even if we were in a healthy position before this crisis, our earnings have dropped while our spending remains,” he emphasized. Therefore, one will prepare for different scenarios.


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