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Teachers’ association calls for improvements in digital teaching

The teachers' association VBE has called for the prerequisites for digital teaching to be strengthened. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte / TEH / archive picture (Image: TEH) (Photo: Julian Stratenschulte / TEH / archive picture)

Mainz – In view of the school closure in the Corona crisis that has been going on for three weeks, the teachers’ association VBE has called for the requirements for digital teaching to be strengthened. The teachers were highly motivated to enable their students to learn outside of traditional classes, said the state chairman of the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE), Gerhard Bold, on Monday in Mainz. In addition to a clear line with regard to the duration of school closures, the VBE also “finally demands the structural prerequisites for digital learning”.

Teachers followed the official recommendations, Bold said. “However, our appeal to the state politicians is to inform their colleagues as early as possible and to present a concept of how to act in the coming weeks.”

The Rhineland-Palatinate Philologists Association on Monday opposed opening the schools too early. In the current situation, a staggered restart of the lessons makes sense, said the association of teachers at high schools on Monday. Priority should then be given to teaching at G8 high schools. They still have their Abitur examination after eight instead of nine years of high school. Furthermore, it must be possible for people at risk to continue their school work in the home office.

When the school buildings are reopened, the hygiene measures recommended by the Robert Koch Institute must be followed – “Schools are otherwise the ideal place for the widespread of viruses.” The Education and Science Trade Union (GEW) in Rhineland-Palatinate also called on Monday, mostly urban providers of daycare centers and schools, to improve the hygienic conditions in the facilities.

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