The “hit god” watches – Mannheimer Morgen


    “For decades”, a successor for hit stars like Howard Carpendale (74) and Roland Kaiser (67) has been sought, said chief juror Dieter Bohlen (66). Helene Fischer (35) now exists for women, but there is no such person in men. “I think you could be a hit icon.”

    Florian Silbereisen, who had replaced the juror Xavier Naidoo (48), who had been recalled for alleging racism, even assured Roselly of the late show master Dieter Thomas Heck: “I believe that even the hit god from above, Dieter Thomas Heck, is watching and says: Maybe I would have liked to have presented this boy in the ZDF hit parade. ”In the finale, Roselly sang“ Tears don’t lie ”by Michael Holm and“ 100 years are still too short ”by Randolph Rose.


    © Mannheimer Morgen, Monday, April 6th, 2020