VfL Bochum is one of the endangered clubs in the corona crisis

Ilja Kaenzig, managing director of the second division club VfL Bochum. Photo: DB Bea Decker / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Db Bea Decker / TEH)

Bochum – The second division soccer team VfL Bochum is one of the clubs at high risk in the Corona crisis. In the worst case, the former Bundesliga club could face bankruptcy in May, reports the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Newspaper.

“Bankruptcy would be a scenario if none of the measures taken by the club or league would take effect, a worst-to-worst case scenario. We are currently and in future doing everything to ensure that this scenario does not occur, »said VfL managing director Ilja Kaenzig of« WAZ ».


The “kicker” had recently reported on 13 of 36 professional clubs – four Bundesliga clubs and nine-second division clubs – who were already at risk of bankruptcy in May or June if the season currently interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic could not continue as planned in May. However, the journal had not given specific names.

The problem with the debt-free district club is that there are no reserves. However, Kaenzig expressly does not expect bankruptcy: “We are convinced that the measures that are planned will take effect in whole or in large parts.” In Bochum, professionals and management have foregone ten to 15 percent of their salary, and many employees are on short-time work.