Bundestag: lack of understanding of special meeting of the AfD parliamentary group

The Corona course from AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel is a nuisance to many. Photo: Marijan Murat / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Marijan Murat / TEH)

Berlin – The special meeting of the AfD parliamentary group this Tuesday is not understood by the FDP. “Of course, each parliamentary group has to decide for themselves how they work,” said Marco Buschmann, the first parliamentary managing director of the German Press Agency.

With regard to the high average age of the AfD deputies, he added: “But there are a particularly large number of deputies in the AfD group who belong to a high-risk group. The political controversy in the group must, therefore, be very big. There is no other way to explain that she is taking such health risks. »

The AfD group wants to meet in the middle of the Easter break. It was called up to speak about the “further course of action in the corona crisis”, a possible exit strategy and the connection of the crisis “to the main topics of the AfD”.


The next regular session of the Bundestag begins on April 20. It is unclear why the AfD previously sees such an urgent need for advice. According to a parliamentary group spokesman, 60 of the 89 deputies had registered by Monday noon. Another 10 MPs wanted to be connected by phone.

The meeting was moved from the AfD parliamentary group room to a larger hearing room. However, some AfD MPs had already noticed in the one-day plenary session in March that they demonstratively did not keep safety distances. This had led to protests from other factions.

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