Cars, beer and cigars – Whoever bears “Corona” in their name

    The Corona course from AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel is a nuisance to many. Photo: Marijan Murat / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Marijan Murat / TEH)

    Berlin (TEH) – Whether Eurodance, saint figure, cars or spy satellites: They all have to do with Corona – because they are called. An overview from A to Z: Alike ANTIQUE: The word origin of Corona lies in the Greek expression korṓne and denotes something “curved”. In Latin, it became corōna, which describes ring-shaped things – such as a crown, a circle of spectators or the sun’s rays.B like BEER: The “Corona Extra” beer brand was brewed for the first time in Mexico City in 1925.

    According to the manufacturer, it is now drunk in more than 180 countries. However, sales are currently weakening. Instead, “Corona ice cream” with lime jelly was recently available in some ice cream parlors. C like CORONAVIRES: Sars-CoV-2 is part of the coronavirus family. If you look at them under an electron microscope, their shell appears to be surrounded by a radiation wreath, hence their name.D like DISNEY: In the Disney film “Rapunzel – Newly Spoiled”, Rapunzel lives lonely in a tower far from normal life.

    According to her mother, it is simply too dangerous outside in the Kingdom of Corona. E like EURODANCE: “Rhythm of the Night” from 1993 is the most successful song by the Italian Eurodance band Corona – and ensures a good mood even in quarantine. F for FOOTBALL CLUB: Corona is also well-known in sports: the football premier league club Korona Kielce plays in Poland, the reigning champion in the Romanian ice hockey league is ASC Corona 2010 Brașov.G for POEM: Paul Celan described the poem “Corona” in 1948 his affection for Ingeborg Bachmann. A couple flaunts his love in it: “We are wrapped in the window, they watch us from the street: it is time that you know,” it says in a line. H as SAINTS: According to legend, Saint Corona was only 16 years old when she died early Christian martyrdom around 1800 years ago. And actually her name was probably Stephana.


    But as the patron saint of money, this earned her the name Corona. The irony of history: Today she is also considered the patron saint against epidemics. I like INSIGNE: “Corona real” is the royal crown in Spain. There is hardly anything real about this – this insignia is only found in the Spanish coat of arms. “The monarchy has lost its own insignia somewhere in its intricate history,” writes the “Eastern Herald” in its corona lexicon. J as YOUNG PEOPLE: Celebrate until the doctor arrives – this is how you could describe “corona parties” at them healthy, often young, people with infected meet to become infected and become immune to COVID-19. The Robert Koch Institute advises against it.K for KRANZ: In ancient Rome, many corona wore on their heads. Wreaths made of metal, leaves or flowers were awards for courage and fighting spirit and symbolized honor.

    The most famous is the “Corona Triumphalis” – the laurel wreath for generals. L for LANZAROTE: With its 609 meters, the volcano La Corona is the highest point in the north of the Canary Island Lanzarote. M for MINERAL: “Coronadite” is an oxide mineral and sets are chemically composed of lead, manganese, and oxygen. It is characterized by its dark gray to black color. N like NORTHERN CROWN: Zodiac signs also have Corona in their names. The brightest stars of the “Corona Borealis” form a semicircular arch – hence the picture is also called “Northern Crown”.

    In the southern hemisphere there is the counterpart “Corona Australis” .O like ORBIT: In the 1960s the USA began to observe the then USSR and the People’s Republic of China with the first spy satellites. The alias of the satellite program at that time: Corona.P for PUSTELN: Corona is also known in connection with the disease syphilis: “Corona veneris” is a secondary rash on the forehead. Reddish-brown spots and pustules form on the hairline. Q as Jellyfish: The wreath jellyfish, also called Coronatae in Latin, are an order of the umbrella jellyfish.

    They live above all in the greater depths of the tropical seas and are also called deep-sea jellyfish. R like RIVERSIDE COUNTY: At the beginning of the 20th century, Corona was considered the “lemon capital of the world”. In the 150,000-inhabitant city in Riverside County, east of Los Angeles, up to 1000 tons of lemons a day were processed into acid, juice, and oil. Like TYPEWRITER: The portable, black “Corona 3” was one of the best-selling typewriters in history. From 1912, it was estimated that the devices in the range went over 600,000 times over the counter. The successor manufacturer Smith Corona has long been one of the world’s leading typewriter manufacturers.

    T for TANDEM: As “Coronabros”, music producers Carlos Serrano del Rio and DJ Mike MD mixed house music with Latin sounds in the early 2000s, as from a list of Corona The name of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia is shown. U as WATCH: Corona can also show the time: The French noble watch manufacturer Rene Mouris has a series with eight men’s models with the title “Corona” .V as FIRST NAME: “Corona” or In the past nine years, more than 20 newborn girls in Germany have also been called “Korona””. The name is even more popular in the Netherlands. About 130 girls got their first name there recently, as the Society for German Language recently announced. W for WELTRAUM: If you think Corona has something to do with science fiction, you will find it in “Corona Magazine”. Fans of fantastic literature will read reviews and columns on Star Trek, Star Wars and Co..X like X in ASTERIX It seems like a psychic input.

    In 2017, the comic authors of “Asterix in Italy” named an opponent of Asterix and Obelix in the French version of the car race “Coronavirus”. For the German version, the translator found the name of a virus unsuitable for a character. Y like YARIS: This is a current Toyota car model. But the “Toyota Corona” rolled off the assembly line at the Japanese automaker for almost 40 years. Initially, the car type was designed as an entry-level model in the luxury class, and from the 1970s it was also in demand in Germany as a medium-sized car. Z like CIGAR FORMAT: Cigars come in different types.

    A distinction is made in length, thickness and shape. With a length of 130 to 170 millimeters and a diameter of 15 to 18.5 millimeters, the “Corona” is probably the most common format. Website Corona-MagazinPerseus-Catalog on crowns in antiquity (English) World Interview with Asterix translator on Corona Virus Website Band Corona Manufacturer Smith CoronaWebsite on the Corona 3City history CoronaSpectrum articles on deep-sea jelly-fish Website Duo CoronabrosRene Mouris on Corona watches German for the German language on the word “Corona” Society on the German language on the first name “Corona” Cigar portal on cigar formats Toyota on the history of the Corona model CIA ProgramMirror report on Corona program International Astronomical Union on constellationsMineral atlas on CoronaditLanzarote Tourism on volcano La CoronaABInBev on CoronaEastern Herald zu Corona-Lexikon

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