Is it the end of Democracy-Dictatorship brawl ?


President Xi is welcoming while President Trump is adamant whereas President Putin is indifferent while Prime Minister Johnson stands admitted in a hospital. The world is without any leadership to check the pace of pandemic at large. No one knows how or when it would end. For until now, while the virologists and scientists decode the intricacies of bewitching COVID-19, the arena of political science is fast charging. One thing which has turned out as of now from the US-Chinese sets of COVID-19 management, it is that making quick and prompt decisions reverberate good and favourable results. Shakespearean Procrastination and Platonic cogitation are surely not the traits applicable in these coveted COVID times. Chinese decision-making apparatus has exhibited dealing COVID-19 more successfully than that of the US. Is COVID-19 here to settle, besides many other things, the long chanted brawl of Democracy vs Dictatorship as models of statecraft? If that be so, it is Xi, the Dictator, winning over Trump, the Democrat, at least for the time being.

Of all the global responses to COVID-19 containment, China led the world by safely confiscating the pandemic from becoming as lethal as in Europe or now in the US. For all the sensible purposes, it must have been China which should have been let lead the world in fighting COVID-19 but for utterly crazier political purposes; the US stagnancy in blocking the Chinese experience unleashed the COVID-19 wrath on Americans and Europeans unprecedentedly. China was slammed, slandered, scandalized and mocked when Wuhan was twitching to the COVID-19 capsids. US took it for another Chinese brand of political playoff and refuted the global lockdown and such other measures as deeming them Chinese hatcheries to counterfeit the US global interests.

Associating the COVID-19 as Chinese Virus was the immediate loss of marbles that the US hit in their wild anti-Chinese conspiracy framework. A person who perhaps was to lead the world out of his magnanimity hit below the belt and this exposition was condemning of any hopes the leadership led by Mr Trump could provide the world. The pandemic wrecked Europe in days beyond any human able control and this came like bolt from the blue though China had raised the alarms much earlier those perhaps were not intercepted by the European radars as the US was holding control over all the delicate European censors of Cry Wolf. The Italian and Spanish melodramas are mourned by humanity as being the heartbreaking tragedies ever have happened except for controlled means of human destruction, called wars. Europe did not listen to China at the behest of the US and this is where wrong leadership decisions create disorders which are never manageable. Europe is still paying the price as the UK Prime Minister is shifted to a hospital while Prince Charles luckily survives COVID-19. The moral of the common citizen is shattered when the leadership he is looking up to is equally caught by the disaster he is supposed to save them from.


The Chinese Cry Wolf was bandied around the town by Mr Trump with God knows what conclusions and what good wisdom. President Xi’s call for collaboration in the drive against the pandemic was never favourably replied due to very commonplace known reasons. Had the US responded agreeably to the Chinese call, it would have down toned the undisputed status of US global reach out. The cooperation for joint pandemic management would have required reliance and reliability of the two on one another which Washington had always been sceptic of Beijing. The American apprehensions of China ultimately grinding its axes for political reasons globally kept the US away from working together. US had no plans whatsoever in responding to the Chinese call or in managing COVID-19 at home and abroad other than taking measures such as socio-financial packages only to arrest anarchy spreading in the country and chasing an endless mirage. The Trump-led government is disoriented at the moment and disordered by this hallucinated times, the refutation of easing out sanctions against Iran at such merciless times proved once more that there perhaps was a fickle thin line between insanity and democracy which was blatantly trespassed by swampy Trump boots.

The Russian indifference in the continued COVID-19 blizzard is well understood as no one acquaints Washington more and better than does Kremlin. Their intimacy of animosity has been consisting over a long time with diversified mechanics and arts of war overtly and covertly. Putin knew for sure the consequential and unwanted US adamancy in collaborating in this fight for humanity.

Truman never knew if the Little Man he was dropping on Japan could successfully detonate into an armament of collateral damage or could it just turn into a stupid dud but the decision had to be taken and so it was a single man decision fed with contrasting analysis. This time around, it seems President Xi has decided at the right time with the right post-decision management paraphernalia and the people of the world except Trump are beholding him as the prospective Leader of the world. The US missed the opportunity of Xi’s generous offer of collectively eradicating the pandemic which is sprawling death around human life with impeccable fatality modulation.

It seems Democracy, as means to running successful governments and States, as interpreted and sold out by the US since fifty years of globalization has both failed and bankrupted amid such exceptional times where prompt decisions count more than anything for success. Of various offshoots of COVID-19, could it be the end of the long-fought ideological war of Democracy vs Dictatorship as a system of governance with the later winning the day and the former biting the dust at last?

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