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Gas station raided in Raunheim

RAUNHEIM – On Monday, a petrol station was raided in Raunheim, on Kelsterbacher Strasse. This is reported by the police. Around 9:30 p.m., a man masked with a blue face mask entered the gas station and threatened the 18-year-old employee with a knife. According to the police, the perpetrator grabbed several hundred euros from the cash register. The robber then escaped on foot in an unknown direction. The employee was not injured. An immediately initiated police search has so far been unsuccessful. According to the police, the robber was around 25 years old, about 175 cm tall, strong and wore dark trousers, a black top from the Adidas brand and white sports shoes. The criminal police in Russelsheim asks for information under the telephone number 06142-6960.

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