FRETTENHEIM – The people of Frettenheim were amazed when they found foreign waste from a cleaning company behind their glass containers at the old bus turning point. The garbage mainly contained containers with cleaning agents, i.e. chemical agents that have to be disposed of separately, company clothing, various handicraft materials, smaller equipment for cleaning buildings, as well as knives and the like.

Frettenheim’s mayor Carsten Class is annoyed: “Something like that is not possible at all, especially since there were still children waiting for the bus at this time.” The kids also like to use the space to play. “My wife cleared all the trash together and put it in the community garage,” said Class.

When sorting, it was also possible to find the cause. The illegal waste disposal company had left documents that identify him. “It is not a Frettenheim operation,” Class clarifies. The mayor is certain that because the papers also contain personal employee data, there will be further consequences for the illegal waste disposal company due to the data protection law.

The papers were handed in to the public order office. In the meantime, the regulatory office of the Wonnegau community has also intervened. Appropriate steps have been taken from there.

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