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No minimum distance: Star coach Mourinho faces punishment

Violated the clearance rule, a measure to contain the coronavirus pandemic: José Mourinho, trainer at Tottenham Hotspur. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / zb / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / zb / TEH)

Berlin – Football coach Jose Mourinho threatens to be in trouble because, despite the rapidly expanding coronavirus pandemic in England, he is said not to have followed the prescribed distance rule.

In the English media, recordings of the 57-year-old Portuguese with three Tottenham Hotspur players showed up showing how they were training in a London park while breaking the rules.

In England, outdoor sports are allowed with a maximum of one other person, the safety distance is two meters. In addition, recordings of other Spurs players were in circulation during running training on social media, and they also did not keep the minimum distance.

“Our players were reminded to respect social distance when training outside,” said a Spurs club spokesman. “We will reinforce this message.”

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