Police officers stand before the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt. Photo: Boris Roessler / TEH / archive picture (Image: TEH) (Photo: Boris Roessler / TEH / archive picture)

Frankfurt / Main – The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt wants to comment today on the effects of the corona crisis on the Hessian judiciary. In the 2019 annual report, the court responsible, among other things, for terror trials provides information about its work. This is about the past, but above all, ongoing and future processes. According to its own information, it records significantly more proceedings due to the diesel scandal.

Some spectacular trials are also expected at the Higher Regional Court. As of April 24, a suspected fighter of the terrorist militia Islamic State is on trial, who, among other things, is said to have murdered a five-year-old girl who was held as a slave by tying her to a window in the scorching heat, according to charges.

The murder of Walter Lubcke, President of the Kassel government, is also likely to be investigated in Frankfurt, but no charges have yet been brought in the case.

The OLG Frankfurt is the only one of its kind in Hessen, in civil and family proceedings it is the next instance for decisions of the regional or district courts. In criminal law, it is responsible for cases of particular importance such as terrorism or genocide.

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