Munich – Hansi Flick can imagine FC Bayern Munich with another top alongside striker Robert Lewandowski.

The coach of the German soccer record champion was asked about Leroy Sane (Manchester City) and Timo Werner (RB Leipzig) and then asked if he could also imagine a system with two strikers. “In the last few games we noticed that it is not always easy when an opponent is very low,” said Flick in Munich on Tuesday.

“In absolute terms, two tips are also an option. Of course, these are things that we simply have to act more flexibly for next season, ”said the 55-year-old. “That is why it is important that we have options, also up front, that we can play with two tips.”

Sane and Werner have already been associated with FC Bayern as possible new additions. Flick is considered the supporter of the Leipzig striker, who is 21 goals behind Lewandowski (25 goals) in the scorer list. Sane is mostly used on the grand piano, Werner plays in the top.

Flick wants to have a major say in Bayern’s squad planning. “Veto was a tough word,” said Flick, “in the end it is quite normal, and I think that was also the case with the coaches here in Munich before, you are always involved. This is currently the case. Of course we also talk about things like planning for the future together. »

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