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Corona crisis: emergency care in Wembacher Kita

In Hessen, emergency childcare is now guaranteed for systemically relevant occupational groups on weekends, public holidays and during the Hessian Easter holidays from April 4th to April 19th. This was announced by the Hessian Minister for Social Affairs and Integration, Kai Klose. However, with one restriction: On the “normal” Easter holidays, parents of these occupational groups could use emergency care as during school time. Minister of Culture Alexander Lorz emphasizes that the extended emergency care on weekends and on public holidays applies only to children, of whom at least one parent or a single parent works in health and health care or emergency services.

In addition, the other parent must also work in one of the other key occupations and at the same time, so that care cannot be guaranteed within the immediate family environment. It is not yet clear whether the Kimmelszelt daycare center has to guarantee such extended emergency care. Director Julia Markovic: “It could be up to us. We try to find a friendly solution for Ober-Ramstadt so that not all daycare centers have to open on weekends.” She sees the difficulty in “that we somehow have to accompany our children, especially the very little ones.” (tina)

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