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Current training “Topic for a doctoral thesis”

Bremen – Trainer Florian Kohfeldt from Werder Bremen considers the training work of a Bundesliga club during the current corona crisis to be a major planning challenge.

“At other times that would be an issue for a doctoral thesis,” said the 37-year-old on Thursday in a press conference broadcast live on his club’s website. «The most difficult topic is: if you don’t know exactly when you’re playing. Usually, every trainer plans in preparation from day X backward. But this day X does not exist now, »said Kohfeldt. «There is no master plan for this. Every trainer has to try to follow his feeling and intuition. It will only be seen later if this was correct.

Werder, like other Bundesliga clubs, has again been able to hold training sessions in small groups of a maximum of four players since this Monday. Despite the strict requirements, Kohfeldt sees this as progress for his work. “The small groups make more sense than individual training,” he said. «You can go back to the field, you can practice passports, you can practice shots on goal. You get the feeling for football-specific movements again.

In addition, the Bremen team: You can use this Bundesliga break, which is valid until April 30, to remedy physical deficits. Due to the bad luck at table 17. Many players have always had a training deficit in the course of the season so far. “From the first day of this break, we worked very individually to increase the fitness level,” explained Kohfeldt. «You might think that this break is also an opportunity for us. But you will only see that when the games are played.

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