The Olympic flame is shown in Japan at the J-Village football training center near the Fukushima nuclear ruins. Photo: Eugene Hoshiko / AP / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Eugene Hoshiko / AP / TEH)

Fukushima – Olympic fire in Japan is temporarily no longer on display due to concerns about the coronavirus.

The flame, burning in a small lantern, was exhibited on April 2 at the J-Village football training center near the Fukushima nuclear ruins and should be on display there until the end of the month. Because of the risk of the virus spreading, however, it was decided to temporarily suspend access from April 8, the organizers of the games said.

The torch relay should start in Fukushima on March 26th. Because of the postponement of the Olympic Games by one year to the summer of 2021, the torch relay was also initially suspended.

The Olympic flame had arrived from Greece on March 20 at a military base in the neighboring province of Miyagi. Despite the concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, around 55,000 Japanese people visited the fire in the provincial capital Sendai the following day. The organizers spoke of the “flame of relaxation”.

In 2011, an earthquake and a resulting tsunami in the region caused a natural disaster with more than 18,500 deaths. Meltdowns occurred in the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

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