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Mainz manager Schroder sees no risk of bankruptcy

Mainz – The Bundesliga soccer club FSV Mainz 05 claims that it will not face bankruptcy as of June 30. This said Rouven Schroder, the sports director of relegation-prone table 15, on Wednesday in a Sky interview.

«In order to finally depict it, you have to know when to start. We hope that the season can be played to the end, albeit without a spectator, »said Schroder. “It is fundamentally the case that, thanks to the topic of high solidarity, also within the association, we are positioned in such a way that we will definitely not be at risk of bankruptcy by June 30th.”

Playing in the Bundesliga is at least until April 30th, normally the season ends on June 30th. The world association FIFA has now recommended that the contracts of players worldwide be adjusted to the actual conclusion of the currently interrupted season. “The longer the ball doesn’t roll, it becomes difficult for us. We have to accept that and continue solidarity in the association. We are in a good position and definitely have done well, ”Schroder continued.

If TV money and sponsorship income do not flow, it is perfectly normal that as a smaller club with a smaller budget you have to distribute your tasks differently. Some clubs in German professional football are currently threatened in their existence. Especially if the remaining matches cannot even be played as ghost games, which the German Football League (DFL) and its members are aiming for.

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