Manager Hubner sees Eintracht Frankfurt well positioned

Bruno Hubner, sports director of Frankfurt Eintracht. Photo: Imago (Photo: Imago)

FRANKFURT – Day after day Bruno Hubner (59) drives from his place of residence Taunusstein to his office in the Frankfurt arena. The manager of the Frankfurt Eintracht observes very carefully how players and coaches gradually find something normal again on the training ground. He talks to sports director Fredi Bobic about the plans and above all he talks a lot on the phone. With players, with consultants, with his two sons Benjamin and Florian, who at TSG Hoffenheim and Union Berlin gain their own experience with football during the Corona crisis. “There are only minimal differences, and all clubs adhere to the regulations and recommendations,” says Hubner. The actual business of Hubner and all the other managers in the football business, the world of transfers, has come to a standstill, at least temporarily. “As long as nobody knows when the new season starts, nothing will work,” says Hubner. His boss Fredi Bobic becomes even clearer. “We had already prepared a lot of what we wanted to do for next season’s squad,” he told the mirror, “but all of that is now complete for the bin.”

After all, a transfer is already in dry cloth. The German youth international Ragnar Ache (21) comes from Sparta Rotterdam. Eintracht had already secured the striker, who made his first steps at the Neu-Isenburg association, in winter for a transfer fee of two million euros. When he will start his service in Frankfurt is in the stars. An appointment for the start of the new season is even more uncertain than an appointment for the continuation of the current season. “Even if we could end the current season by June 30th, we would have to give the players a few days off,” says Hubner. Even now, it is quite likely that it will continue without a break next winter. Because of all these uncertainties, almost all transfers are pending or deferred. This does not result in sleepless nights at Frankfurt. “We have a good foundation,” says Hubner. Including young players and the returning Tuta and Dejan Joveljic and new signing Ache, there are 26 players under contract this season. All speculations of the last few days and weeks about further changes such as the sale of Filip Kostic to Inter Milan, the sale of Ante Rebic to AC Milan, who has only been borrowed so far, or the return of David Abraham to his home in Argentina after the season are no more than rumors. According to information from this newspaper, no concrete discussions took place in any of the three cases.

Bas Dost “wants to start shooting again”

If the season continues in May, Bas Dost would be like a new entry for Eintracht. The Dutchman has only been able to play 14 games but has now completely recovered from illness and adductor problems. “I have a lot of desire to play football again and want to show what I can do,” he says, “I want to start shooting again.” If it starts again in May, be ready. “I trust my body, everything is fine there,” says the 30-year-old striker. It is a shame that the league can only be continued with “ghost games”, but there has also been enough talk about it. “Of course, we would never have lost 0-3 against Basel with spectators,” he believes, “but we have to stop talking about it, but adapt to the new situation.”


While Dost lives in Frankfurt with his girlfriend and child, his parents live in Holland. “They are 65, so of course it’s difficult,” he explains, “they miss the grandson, but there is nothing to be done.” He keeps in touch with Facetime and has great anticipation for -Corona period. “When everything is over, everyone will be very happy when my little one gives them a kiss,” he says. Until then, he would adhere strictly to the regulations. “”I trust the people of Germany and Holland,” says Bas Dost.

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