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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Budinger Klinik thanks a wave of sympathy

After the Budinger Capio Mathilden-Hospital called for help, the clinic received a great wave of encouragement and support from the population, for which the employees now want to thank. Archive photo: Leo

Budingen (red). It has been two weeks since the Budinger Capio Mathilden-Hospital asked the public to support the clinic with breathing protection equipment. Those responsible could hardly believe what then happened. The response and willingness to donate from the population were so overwhelming, for which the clinic would now like to thank.

The clinic not only reached respiratory masks that alleviated the emergency and thus ensured patient care. No, many encouraging letters, gestures and thanks to the staff also left the hospital staff speechless, as it says in a press release. In the meantime, the situation has eased somewhat since it has been possible to procure sufficient protective material. The staff would like to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts and would like to give you an overview of the past three weeks:

The first Corona patients were confronted in mid-March. Since then, there has been an average of four patients on ventilation and two to four in the isolation ward. The situation on the ventilation front is now more relaxed. The clinic came to the aid of the expansion of its intensive medical competence. They immediately took up the challenge and took all the necessary steps. One is proud that the measures are taken always anticipated the decisions of the government or the Robert Koch Institute. So they were implemented before they were issued by decree. Restriction for visitors, creation of an isolation ward, cancellation of all planned treatments, doubling of ventilation capacity, training of additional staff for the intensive care unit and more.

Unfortunately, due to a large number of patients, the inventory of protective equipment and disinfectants quickly ran out during this phase. In addition to patient care, protecting employees is a top priority. Ms Westphal (nursing management) has now taken on a key role in addition to her actual job and is working tirelessly on the procurement of protective equipment. Hygiene management also played a crucial role. With Dr Pfeiffer (hygiene doctor) and Ms Ritzert (hygiene specialist) coordinated all measures and checked their implementation.

It should also be emphasized the commitment of all employees who are involved across departments, show flexibility and are willing to familiarize themselves with new tasks. As a clinic, you can be more than proud to have such employees. Employees who are exposed to the risk of getting sick themselves every day and still do their job. It was also a matter of course for the trainees to make themselves available immediately. The internal crisis team works smoothly and the clinic is responsible in all superordinate bodies.

At irregular intervals, there is further information on the situation at

Qamar Munawer
Qamar Munawer
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