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Lowen coach Schwalb hopes to continue the season

Mannheim – Coach Martin Schwalb from the Rhein-Neckar Lowen would like to see the season in the Handball Bundesliga (HBL), which is currently interrupted, continuing soon.

“Because I believe that when sports are shown again, it is a nice signal for people that there is something else besides Corona,” said the 56-year-old in an interview with the daily newspaper “Badische Newest News”. «We would all be happy if we had some normality and joy in life again. Of course, without violating any regulations. »

The HBL season would have to be continued from May 16 at the latest to bring it to an end by the end of June. A decision to cancel will probably be made on April 20. Schwalb, who is “all right” after his own corona disease, would like to return to the training hall with his team beforehand: “We are supposed to be able to get back onboard soon, but there is still nothing definite about it. But we’re in the starting blocks. »

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