Potsdam – The relocation of Olympia in Tokyo by one year also messed up private plans for the rowing Olympic gold medalist Hans Gruhne in the coronavirus crisis.

His girlfriend Theresa will take up a job in a notary office after her baby break and will move in with her parents near Stuttgart for the time being with daughter Amelie, the 31-year-old told the Markische Allgemeine Newspaper. «I would have been in Potsdam for four more months and then moved to a common house after the Olympic Games. But after the postponement of the games in Tokyo by one year, four will suddenly become 16 months. »

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the International Olympic Committee had moved the summer games to the summer of 2021. Gruhne reported that “it had already pulled the ground a little under his feet.” «My motivation had completely slipped into the basement after the World Cup had been gradually cancelled. It completely shook up my life planning. »

Gruhne had won gold with the double four years ago in Rio de Janeiro. «I have not yet reached the point that I can speak of acceptance. It is difficult for me to motivate myself to do sport, especially since everything can only be done to a limited extent, »he said about the current situation. Motivation gave him the support of his girlfriend. “She told me that she had been without so much of me for so long without being at the Olympics in Tokyo, so we have to do it together by 2021.”

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