Paderborn – Bundesliga club SC Paderborn is increasingly under financial pressure due to the corona break in German football.

“It’s not like we’ll be bankrupt next month. We can delay this for a month or two, but then we are out of breath, ”said Managing Director Martin Przondziono in an interview published by Sport1 on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday afternoon, the entire Paderborn management opposed the impression that the rising star could face specific insolvency in the foreseeable future. “By repaying all debts in December 2019, which was made possible by the second promotion to the Bundesliga, we have created a good basis for the future,” said Przondziono, Ralf Huschen and Martin Hornberger in a joint statement on the website of the clubs was published.

“All professional football clubs are currently going through a difficult time, and that’s no different in Paderborn,” the statement added. «However, thanks to the many positive signals from our partners, we do not have an acute existential situation. Taking these positive signals into account, the SCP07 will continue to be solvent beyond June 30, 2020. »

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