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Third online night lecture on corona virus

MAINZ – At the third Corona online lecture, a wide range of sciences and applied medicine await viewers. This ranges from acute care to nursing, the epidemiological assessment of the disease and media criticism. Today, on Maundy Thursday, from 5 p.m. again only a so-called stream will enable direct transmission from the lecture hall of the university clinic. For 16 years there has been the “night lecture” on up to 20 evenings a year, always with several hundlisteners.

Since the restrictions and bans on events, Professor Christian-Friedrich Vahl has been working with this very successful online solution. Vahl, director of cardiac, thoracic and vascular medicine and inventor and organizer of the series, has thus achieved his goal of never missing the lecture in the 17th year.

Specifically: the burden on the nursing staff

In the beginning, private lecturer Martin Sprinzl will report on how the acute care of Covid 19 patients is organized. What the social isolation looks like, what consequences it can have, what happens to the patients and which aspects the medical doctors pay special attention to are essential parts of his presentation.


Privatdozent Martin Sprinzl, senior physician in the 1st medical clinic, infectiologist, report from the clinical practice of university medicine: the perspective of the attending physician, nursing director Marion Hahn: How did uni medicine position itself in nursing, what has to be done? Interviews with two nurses Konstantin Strauch, Director of the Institute for Medical Biometry: Epidemiology and Computer Science and Epidemiological Aspects of the Current Pandemic.Prof. Gregor Daschmann, Professor of Media Impact at the Institute for Journalism on the subject: Corona, media and the public – what works and what goes wrong? Prof. Norbert Pfeiffer, CEO of Unimedicine: Location at the clinic

The nursing staff of all medical facilities are currently receiving a lot of applause. Nursing Director Marion Hahn explains what constitutes their stress in everyday life, how they deal with it and how they are prepared. Two nurses give insights into daily practice in conversation with moderator Stefan Schroder, who represents Michael Bermeitinger. Marion Hahn will also explain how employees were trained for new tasks when the situation worsened.

As an epidemiologist, Professor Konstantin Strauch is well acquainted with all the calculations that are mentioned every evening in the special programs of the TV stations as a yardstick for the development of the corona pandemic. He will explain in the interview how resilient these numbers are. He makes this clear with examples that deal with the different measurement methods in the federal states and states. Strauch also looked at which measurements reflect the state of the epidemic and which test strategy he considers suitable.

Consideration of the “broad media side”

Gregor Daschmann illuminates the corona crisis from a completely different perspective. The Dean of the Department of Social Sciences and Media and Professor of Media Impact at the Institute for Journalism is concerned with how the media society deals with this extreme situation. Daschmann says that never before has a topic been so permanent and so omnipresent in reporting. On the one hand, this “broad media side” unsurprisingly high awareness of the problem and high acceptance of the unusual measures among the population.

Despite all the successful transmission, numerous irrationalities can be observed in public discourse, which arises especially when the different logics and problematic views of science, politics, journalism and the public clash.

Finally, the chairman of the board of university medicine, Professor Norbert Pfeiffer, will give a picture of the situation.

Here you can see the live stream of the third online night lecture from 5 p.m. If the video doesn’t work for you, you can find it here on YouTube!

Qamar Munawer
Qamar Munawer
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