Offenbach (TEH) – The Easter holidays are mostly warm and sunny. It is only supposed to get a little cooler and raining on Monday, as the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach announced on Friday.

For Saturday, meteorologists expect temperatures from 10 to 16 degrees in the north and northeast and up to 26 degrees on the Upper Rhine. In the afternoon a few cumulus clouds from here and there. Only somewhat thicker cloud fields pass through in the north, but mostly it remains dry. With these prospects, it is feared that many may find it difficult to adhere to the Corona pandemic rules.

On Easter Sunday, the foothills of a Scandinavian low, especially in the north and northwest with thicker clouds, cause individual showers or brief thunderstorms. The sun still shines in many places over the middle and the south, but in the area of ​​the low mountain ranges, especially over the mountainous region, spring clouds can form again during the day.

Temperatures rise to 20 degrees and above in many places, and up to 26 degrees on the Upper Rhine. Only on the coast does it stay significantly cooler under dense clouds, and in the course of Easter Monday, the low reaches then spread to the middle and the south. Showers, refreshing wind and cooler air join to thick clouds.

While another 17 to 20 degrees are reached in the south, according to DWD the temperatures in the north and the center are only 8 to 15 degrees. To do this, in the night of Tuesday, areas with slight frost can be expected to minus 2 degrees

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