WIESBADEN – spring-like temperatures, public holidays, sun – it was tempting to go outside. But the Hessians followed the Corona contact rules on Good Friday. The police headquarters in the country reported. “There are a few young people standing there, but they also diverge,” said a police spokeswoman from Frankfurt. No operations have been reported even by the popular Main banks.

A similar picture emerged in Fulda and Giessen. “The day has gone so far without any problems,” said a spokesman from Fulda in the afternoon. In Giessen, the police recorded some calls from concerned citizens. “But when we arrive, there is usually nothing going on,” said a spokesman. In Wiesbaden, on the other hand, fewer such calls were received by the police than usual. “There are more people on the move, but they seem to be keeping their distance,” said a spokesman. In the Rheingau in particular, parking spaces were blocked as a precaution so that there would be no rush in the best spring weather.

“No family celebrations, no outdoor services,” was how a spokesman in Darmstadt summarized the situation in the afternoon. Now and then smaller groups would have to be separated, but it remained calm. According to the Kassel police, things remained quiet around the Edersee in northern Hesse. Parking spaces were not blocked here, but owners of second homes had to leave because the Waldeck-Frankenberg district had banned their use.

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