Berlin – The professional soccer player Maximilian Mittelstadt (23) from Bundesliga club Hertha BSC, who was infected with the coronavirus, spoke for the first time about his surviving illness.

«I was doing pretty well in time. It was two or three days when I didn’t feel so good. They were the typical symptoms, for example, I had no sense of smell, “said Mittelstadt in a Skype desk, according to the specialist magazine” Kicker “:” Now I’m fine, I’m feeling very good again. What is good is that I have not infected anyone around me. »

Mittelstadt had tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. The entire team of Berliners then had to go into a two-week domestic quarantine, which has now ended. Mittelstadt has recovered and everything went “very well,” he said: “Many friends supported us when you needed purchase or something else. Many were helpful and there for me. »

His girlfriend spent two weeks in isolation with him. “Otherwise it would have been more difficult,” said Mittelstadt, adding: “You couldn’t do much with football. You cleared your head and regained strength. »

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