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Monday, May 29, 2023
NewsOttfried Fischer has no headache in the Corona crisis

Ottfried Fischer has no headache in the Corona crisis


Passau (TEH) – The Corona Virus is rampant, and the whole world stays at home – cabaret artist Ottfried Fischer has barely moved outside for weeks. The ceiling falls for the 66-year-old, who lives with his partner Simone Brandlmeier in Passau, but does not fall on his head. In an interview, Fischer tells the German Press Agency how the Corona crisis affects his everyday life – at least he is not bored.

Question: How do you spend time in the Corona crisis? Are you still going outside?

Answer: We’ll stay at home. It is also not easy for me to walk through the pedestrian zone. People like to come up to me and pat my cheek. Or they run through your hair. I have to avoid that at the moment. We had imposed an exit restriction on ourselves before politicians ordered it. Reason prevailed. And the announcement was yes: the earlier you start, the earlier it’s over. We started straight away.

Question: If you stay at home, will the ceiling fall on your head at some point?

Answer: Of course this is not a condition in the long run, but I also notice the blessing of deceleration. Of course, this is subject to fluctuations, but I don’t find it difficult to be alone. Now, this is only becoming an increasingly confusing period. On April 20, it will probably mean: One week longer and then we’ll see.

Question: Would you like a clear announcement?

Answer: Well, it is logical: if you stop too early, there can be a relapse. But I am also happy when the time to slow down is over again.

Question: Do you think the procedure is correct overall?

Answer: The disease now has to be combated. And that’s a proven way to treat an epidemic. Initially, the state tried “please say”. It was almost nice to see how we were asked to participate voluntarily in our interest. Now the state comes more and more like a sovereign state. Markus Söder is right, but he’s not as friendly as he was at the beginning. Maybe people just have to be kicked in the ass again and again.

Question: How would you have spent without Corona Easter?

Answer: We would be on vacation now. Instead, we now have a compulsory vacation. But the days go by quickly. I get up astonishingly early at seven o’clock. Before you know it, it’s one. Before that, you have to see what’s going on in the news. And then the day is almost over again.

Question: How does the Corona crisis affect your wedding planning?

Answer: We are very flexible. We cannot yet say whether it will work out as we had imagined. But there is still some time. We are now waiting for April, the Virus-killing phase, and then we’ll see. However, if the Corona Virus is a Prussian, then it wants to stay in Bavaria … IN PERSON: Fischer, who grew up in the Bavarian Forest, started his TV career in the 80s. Director Franz Xaver Bogner hired him for the series “Somehow and Anyway” and “To Freedom”, he could be seen in “Tender Charts” and “Go Trabi Go” and in 1995 he took on the role of Commissioner Benno Berghammer in “Der Bulle von Tölz ». At the same time, Fischer celebrated success as a cabaret artist. In 2008 he announced his “Parkinson’s” disease. Since then it has been seen less frequently in public.

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