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Werders Kohfeldt accepts policy decisions

Bremen – Werder Bremen coach Florian Kohfeldt will respect every decision about a possible continuation of the Bundesliga.

The 37-year-old coach of the Hanseatic League told the podcast “Die NDR Bundesligashow” that he would “accept the announcements of the politicians and experts during the corona pandemic in all respects” without grumbling.

The Bremen trainer pointed out several times that there are currently “more important things than football”. So whether ghost games could be played in the Bundesliga and at the same time shops would have to remain closed? “I’m glad that I don’t have to answer this question,” said Kohfeldt, who added, however, that football could do something good for society “in this absolute extreme situation”.

Currently, the game operations in the Bundesliga and in the 2nd division are suspended until April 30th. If things continue in May, the manager of the penultimate table would “start a little new season”. The first non-relegation place is currently eight points behind. Therefore, the starting position would be “very bad” for Werder, Kohfeldt made clear, but not “hopeless” either. Because the negative dynamics of the previous second half with only four points from seven games is no longer in the mind. “We would basically start over,” said Kohfeldt.

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