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“At no cost” switch to Hertha possible

Union goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz can not imagine switching to Hertha BSC. Photo: Andreas Gora / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Andreas Gora / TEH)

Berlin – Goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz of Bundesliga club 1. FC Union Berlin can not imagine a hypothetical change to league rival Hertha BSC.

“Hertha now has millions, a new investor, and could outnumber Union by two, three, four times as far as my contract is concerned. But I can’t do that because I have bigger values ​​in my life than money, »said the 32-year-old Polish media reports said on the program« Eleven call life». “I am part of the history of the Union and could not sell it.”

Gikiewicz’s contract with the Köpenickers expires at the end of this season. The keeper recently reported that there had been no new talks with his previous club about an extension during the coronavirus crisis. Now a former football player who lives near Berlin and has good contacts with Hertha has offered to bring him into contact with the club. “I refused,” said Gikiewicz. «I cannot sell what I have achieved at Union – at no price.»

He has two children who would grow up in Berlin. “And if I swapped Union for Hertha as number one, I would lose too much,” said Gikiewicz. Most recently, the regular player had stated that he wanted to stay with Union, but that the “best years” of his career also had to “monetize”.

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