Frodeno breaks the 100,000 euro mark before the marathon


Girona – When the 100,000-euro mark is broken, Jan Frodeno clenches his fist. At the time, he had barely finished half of the Ironman at home.

In a good mood, here and there curiously watched my dog ​​Duke, and well supplied with banana bread by his wife. “This is the first Ironman that I eat more calories than I burn,” said the triathlon superstar, for whom this time it wasn’t about victory, medal or Hawaiian flower wreath: Frodeno primarily raised money for those help in the front row in the fight against the coronavirus.

It started shortly after eight in the morning with a cloudy sky over Girona. The 2008 Olympic champion and three-time Hawaii winner with wife Emma, ​​née Snowsill, live there. The Australian also won gold in Beijing about 12 years ago and this time helped Frodeno get through the ordeal as well as possible within his own four walls – whether with in-between kisses, a mini dance insert or freshly brewed coffee. Frodeno could use it especially after the 3.86 kilometers in the pool. “Is it cold,” he commented. 13 degrees “warm” water is not necessarily pleasant, despite neoprene.


Frodeno crawled in his nine-meter pool for 47 minutes. The countercurrent system, which he had installed shortly before the curfew in Spain, was set to a certain time per 100 meters. This was how the distance was determined before going on a bike after a short break with changing clothes, accompanied by around 1,000 athletes who were able to ride the virtual route on an online training platform.

Including the former cycling star Fabian Cancellara from Switzerland. “Today I’m hunting Jan Frodeno,” said the Swiss, who had set up his bike on the reel on a balcony. The 39-year-old was sweating profusely, but Frodeno still had enough strength for a thumbs up. “You give the sport emotions,” said the two-time Olympic champion in the time trial.

Of course, Frodeno, who, like many professional athletes, has no idea when he can actually race again this year, was able to present his sponsors with the campaign. However, all proceeds from the “Tri @ home” are earmarked for good causes, especially for direct aid in Girona.

Frodeno knows the conditions in the hospitals there from his former nanny. The trained nurse volunteered to help and was added by video after a night shift. Just like Frodeno’s parents, who live just a few hundred meters from the Ironman Champion. They are currently not allowed to visit.

Frodeno needed around 4:15 hours for the bike route. In between, buddy and adversary Sebastian Kienle also sent a greeting: «Jan, why are you doing this? I’m sure you had a slight fever last night. » Frodeno wanted to start the final marathon at a speed of 14 kilometers per hour.

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