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Malaika Mihambo: Think where I want to go

Malaika Mihambo is currently healing a back injury. Photo: Soeren Stache / TEH-Zentralbild / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Soeren Stache / TEH-Zentralbild / TEH)

Berlin – long jump world champion Malaika Mihambo is looking for new goals and new motivation in view of canceled competitions and championships.

In an interview with the Eastern Herald Newspaper, the 26-year-old from Oftersheim said: “The question is: Why do I do competitive sports when you don’t know when you can measure yourself next time?”

Preparations for the Olympic Games, which were postponed by a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, are of course still in my head, “but that is only aimed at the summer of 2021. We still don’t know how the Corona crisis will continue ». Mihambo believes, however, that “such a time is always an opportunity”.

She is currently curing a back injury from the indoor season. In addition, she likes to do other things, such as travel, during competition breaks. Only that is currently not possible due to national and international restrictions.

«I also have to say honestly: I don’t always know what to do with myself right now. But I think everyone can do it, and that’s okay, ”said Mihambo. «You just have to perceive that and use this break differently. That one thinks, for example, of how one can develop further, that I give myself a new “why” wherever I want to go. ”

When asked where she wanted to go, the long jumper answered with a laugh: “I’m still in the middle of it.” It just takes time.

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