New lines of referee judges for Corona

Due to the Corona crisis, new travel rules should apply to Bundesliga referees. Photo: Daniel Reinhardt / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Daniel Reinhardt / TEH)

Berlin – For the referees in the Bundesliga, new guidelines should apply if the game continues. The “Bild” newspaper reported this with reference to a secret video conference in which the referees were informed of the measures.

According to DFB director Heike Ullrich, DFB department head Florian Götte and referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich has declared that the ban on whistling games from their own region has been lifted. Instead, the referees should be used even more regionally to minimize travel.

The six-point program also includes a ban on accommodation. According to “Bild”, the referees must drive their car from home to the stadiums on match day. All referees should be tested one day before the games. Their use should also be voluntary, no one should be forced to play a game during the Corona crisis. The fixed annual basic salary, which should be between 60,000 and 80,000 euros, would still be received in full.


There will, therefore, be no referee observer in the stadium. In the ghost games that are initially to be expected, the referees are followed and judged from the TV. In addition, plexiglass panes are to be installed in the video cellar. A mask requirement for everyone involved in Cologne is also being considered. Game operations are currently suspended until April 30th.

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