Corona virus (Photo: dottedyeti - stock.adobe)

WORMS – The number of people infected with a corona in the city of Worms and the Alzey-Worms district has risen moderately by 14 people since Friday evening. The health department reported no further deaths in the late Monday afternoon. As of April 13, 4 p.m., 137 people in the city of Worms had COVID 19, 7 more than on Good Friday. There are now 13 residents of the Amandus Foundation in Weinheim and 20 employees. In the VG Wonnegau, 37 people and thus one more are infected, in the VG Eich still 13 in the VG Monsheim now 14 people and thus one more.

Overall, 278 people are infected with the Coronavirus in the area of ​​the health department, i.e. the city of Worms and the district, 8 from the district and 2 from Worms are still in the hospital. 124 people have already recovered, 15 more since Friday evening. Nevertheless, they are still included in the statistics of the infected.

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