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Corona: Advisor Confirms US Government Failure – Policy

Senior advisors to US President Donald Trump have done research of the New York Times Already warned at the end of January of a coronavirus pandemic that could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. Trump himself publicly maintained until early March that the virus was no cause for concern for the United States. According to the report the President “was slow to understand the extent of the risk” and did not respond in time. Instead, he focused on protecting the economy and rejecting warnings.

The New York Times relies on dozens of interviews with US government officials, internal emails, memos, and other documents. The National Security Council had already received warnings from the secret services in January and recommended measures such as restrictions on contacts to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Advisers from the area surrounding the president had already warned of the social and economic consequences in late January and early February. Trump, however, had played down the danger in public for a long time and only reacted intensively to the dramatic development in mid-March. According to the Johns Hopkins University census, there are now 557,590 people infected in the United States, and 22,109 people died of lung disease.

One of the government’s most important coronavirus advisors has since confirmed the allegations. Anthony Fauci, a recognized immunologist and head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in an interview with CNN: “If we had closed everything from the beginning, it would have been a little different. But there was clear opposition to it.” When asked why Trump had hesitated so long to listen to the advice of the experts, Fauci said: “We make recommendations. Often they are accepted. Sometimes not. It is what it is. We are now where we are. “

Donald Trump responded to the criticism on Twitter and defended himself against the allegations. The reports of his reluctance to take more stringent measures within the US are “fake”, as is the entire newspaper New York Times. He was only informed “later”.

Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh
Studied humanities in Punjab. Trying to understand Indian Politics. Writing about Technology, Education, Brands, Business, and much more. Contributor at The Eastern Herald, author at Salam News Punjab.

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