Munich – Hansi Flick’s Easter egg hunt by his grandchildren could perhaps be followed in an unusual way in times of the coronavirus crisis.

“Usually the whole family is together on Easter Sunday. For my grandchildren, the Easter egg hunt is the greatest thing, »said Flick in an interview on the homepage of the German soccer champions. “Finding colored eggs is much more important than any gifts. Maybe we can follow it via video call, »he said with a laugh.

Flick only celebrates Easter this year with his wife. «I miss my children and grandchildren who live near Heidelberg. But of course, we stick to the rules and celebrate separately, »said the 55-year-old, who recently signed a new contract with the Munich team by summer 2023.

Flick trained again with his team on Saturday and is free on Sunday and Monday. “The boys should also switch off completely for two days – without any instructions from the coaching team, because they have worked really well in the past few weeks, despite the difficult circumstances,” said Flick.

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